Not many people get to take their hobby . . their passion . . and make it their career. I have been fortunate to do just that.

It started with slide shows. Actually it started with a camera I bought for $5 during college. An Argus C3 . . a brick of a camera, but it took pictures, and I liked that. After obtaining my Political Science degree from Wittenberg University in Ohio, I bought a real camera. This time it was a fully manual Pentax Spotmatic. I learned a lot with that camera: exposure, composition, patience. Soon I was taking photos of my family, high school kids, sports, anything I could. And before long I was playing around with two and three  projector slide shows with music, narration, and a story. My photography hobby turned into more of a multi-media production hobby, and soon that turned into my career.

Over recent years I have drifted back to mostly photography, although I still enjoy doing the occasional production work. Today I photograph weddings, events, corporate head shots and families. I also enjoy getting out on my own to shoot some landscape images.

If you have any questions or if I can be of assistance with your photography needs, please contact me here.

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